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About BioSoft Veterinarians

We are an animal and pet owner focused veterinary practice. We have simplified animal and pet health care so that caring for animals and pets is fun and convenient. We offer services and programs that enable our clients to enjoy their animals and pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have many questions and we will try to buttress the most frequently asked questions below. Please do not hesitate contact us for more inquiries.

Dogs and cats should be vaccinated annually with a 5-way or 4-way vaccine during a visit with a thorough physical exam to ensure they are adequately protected against the more common canine/feline pathogens. We currently recommend that cats should be vaccinated against Rabies starting at 12 weeks of age then annually. Dogs should be vaccinated against Rabies starting at 12 weeks of age then boostered within one year of the first vaccination then triennially as long as the vaccination does not lapse.
Please call us if you have any questions about your pet having puppies or kittens because cases vary from animal to animal depending on age, size, and the breed of the animal.
We currently perform surgeries on any day so far as a two day notice has been created. We need to know about the surgery before performing it on the animals, except on emergency cases
We do this to reduce provide expatriate care for the animals while providing them with the basic needs of an animal for example, medical check-ups, grooming and basic vaccinations hence reducing fees of maintenance.
That solution might seem like the easiest but we can assure you that it is not the correct one. An animal can have the same symptoms but different disease, Please contact us if you notice any issues with your animals
We will advice you contact us regarding these issues as the number of times varies depending on the breed, age, location, weather and other factors.

“Perhaps it is because our pets do not act and think as humans that I feel so much compassion for them. I get the drive to look after them with every interaction I get with them”

Doctor Paul, Biosoft Veterinarians

“I had a pet in my early years and it was fun to being around him always; the jumping and playing are things that I cant get out of my head. This is one of the main reasons why I do my best to create a safe haven for them”

Doctor Edet, Biosoft Veterinarians

“I think I am just a compassionate person who does not want to see something hurt, I do my best day in and day out to make animals in my charge be the best part of themselves all times.”

Doctor Cecilia, Biosoft Veterianarians


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Written by Biosoft Verterinarians.